Big Red Friday movie

I started a small independent film company named FoFig Films. My goal is to produce police dramas on undercover work that go beyond the comfort zone of Hollywood. I don’t know a lot but, I know the world from which these stories are told and I am going to do my best to translate my knowledge and experiences to film.

The pictures will be beautiful as captured by my partner Scot Litteer at Litteer Films. I hope to write stories that you find interesting and entertaining. They will be true to the tradecraft and those who perform it, past and present. This is my way of honoring them.

I intend to deliver characters on both sides of the conflict who are hard and driven with real motivations, portray women with intelligence and importance, address stories that are relevant in our society, and make people think and discuss after watching them.

Our first project is titled Big Red Friday. It is a fictional story based on real events; the story of a jaded undercover agent on the verge of retirement being shadowed by a documentary film crew during his last week on the job (wonder where that material came from?, haha).

To date we have filmed a promotional trailer. I will post it here and elsewhere in about a month. Stay tuned.

Here are some behind the scenes pictures and screen shots.

BRF Slate
Screen shot 2014-08-25 at 9.51.45 AM
Screen shot 2014-08-25 at 9.50.24 AM
Screen shot 2014-08-25 at 9.53.54 AM
Screen shot 2014-08-25 at 9.58.26 AM
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My Open Letter to Congress on the 6th Anniversary of the Arson of my Home

This link will open the actual document:
Jay Dobyns – Open Letter to Congress – August 10 2014

The letter itself reads as follows:

August 10, 2014

An Open Letter to the United States Congress

To the Honorable Members of the Senate and House of Representatives:

My name is Jay Dobyns. In January of this year, I retired from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms after twenty-seven years of decorated service.

Today is the six-year anniversary of the arson of my home. My wife and two children were inside when the fire was set. They were lucky to escape and survive, although my home and all of our belongings were destroyed by that criminal act.

Leading up to that conclusive and somewhat predictable event, my family and I had already endured years and dozens of credible and validated death and violence threats issued from violent crime suspects and based on my work as an ATF Agent. Each time those events were summarily dismissed by ATF’s leadership as unworthy of attention.

After investigating the August 10, 2008, arson, two of the nation’s leading arson investigators determined that I was not involved. ATF’s leadership, both nationally and locally, ignored the determinations of their own experts and maliciously pursued me as the sole suspect, implicitly categorizing me as an ATF agent willing to murder his own family by fire. The managers and executives involved were known to be corrupt, despised by ATF agents, and among those who planned and implemented ATF’s Operation Fast and Furious.

Those mangers ignored real-time investigative leads and true suspects while instead illegally recording my telephone calls and attempting to gather intelligence on me. None was to be found because I was not involved and innocent. One of ATF’s investigators, an Agent trusted to investigate the Olympic Park bombing, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Columbine High School massacre, the 9/11 terrorist attack and countless other crime scenes told ATF – “I’ve investigated Jay, he’s clean, let me go find the people who did this.”

ATF’s manager George Gillett (of Fast and Furious infamy) immediately removed that agent and his partner from the case. Their investigation did not fit his agenda.

ATF intentionally scuttled their investigation before contaminating a hand-off to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Under the guidance of the Department of Justice, the most flagrant destruction of one federal agent’s career and reputation ever publicly known took place. Now six years later the trail has gone cold and the real arsonist(s) remain at large having attempted to murder a federal agent and his family without pursuit.

When that conduct was challenged in court, both agencies used every tactic available to them, some illegal, some merely unethical and despicable, to cover-up their conduct. Attorneys for the government were fired for their actions in this case; their bad acts never acknowledged or remedied. The unethical tactics used by the government included the destruction and withholding of critical evidence and providing false sworn testimony at depositions and at trial.

The highest levels of leadership at each of these agencies are fully aware of the truth, yet they continue efforts to ensure it is never exposed. That is the system now firmly entrenched at the United States Department of Justice and at ATF – do anything necessary to keep your job, displace blame onto others, and if you must, hide and misrepresent the facts and truth from public and courtroom examination.

I respect the separation of powers between the legislative and judicial branches defined by our Constitution. As I await the findings of the court with patience and hope, I honor those laws. The truth is going to come out, whether ATF, DOJ, and their leaders Eric Holder and B. Todd Jones, care for it or not.

My biggest disappointment is that facts and evidence revealed during my lawsuit have been publicly available and brought to your attention for a considerable amount of time. Our nation’s elected officials, appointed Justice Department and ATF leaders, mid-level managers, federal prosecutors, and every internal ethics mechanism within those agencies, just doesn’t care.

Those agencies and their leaders have felt no pressure from you on this matter, thus, no inclination to do anything about ATF scuttling the investigation of the attempted murder of an agent and his family, or ATF’s calculated effort to place the crime on my shoulders. I say “ATF” because when ATF managers conduct themselves in this manner and ATF executive leadership becomes aware of it yet fails to enact discipline, terminate employment or refer internal crimes for prosecution, then ATF and those executives own and accept those misdeeds as approved methods of operation.

Fortunately, Congress and the judiciary have the power and authority to correct these wrongs. I have faith and confidence that the court will determine what facts are true and render a fair and appropriate conclusion.

But, where is Congress on this? What more is needed? If federal legislators are waiting for the court to put a bow on this situation for them then, in my opinion, you are not fulfilling your duties and passing the buck by displacing your jobs onto the Judge. Evidence is presently available for your attention and action outside of the pending legal proceedings. The court will do their job. Will you? For six years ATF’s top brass has acted in the very manner that you publicly criticize them for but, Congress has turned their backs to this situation acting in the exact manner you challenge ATF’s leadership for. Attached below is a fraction of the critical information available to you that is not protected by the court. Will you react to it or will you hold a double standard; one for your demands of ATF accountability and one for yourselves?

My situation may be unique, in that there was an attempt to murder me and my family, but the nature of cover-up and retaliation that I have suffered is similar to dozens, if not hundreds, of other cases in ATF. As I await the court’s resolution of my case, there are clear and decisive measures that Congress can take now to prevent situations like mine from being repeated. To date, none of those have been implemented, and no hearings have been held. DOJ and ATF have been empowered by your exhaustion for seeking the truth. In their eyes, they have won. They have weathered the storm, out-waiting and out-litigating your inquiries.

Given my situation and in the eyes of my family, friends and respected peers, I cannot allow the excuse of frustration or weariness to prevent me from continuing to address this matter, even in retirement.

As evidence of those agencies unchecked brazenness; in May of 2013, one month before the trial regarding my allegations of failure to assist a threatened employee, I was attacked on a commercial airline flight by gang members who recognized me. ATF, the FBI and DOJ once again failed to conduct even the most elementary investigation of that event ignoring the simplest and most basic investigative procedures that would have quickly resulted in arrests and prosecutions. I assume that that they did not react knowing that this new attack on me was outside the scope of the allegations pending before the court and could not be discussed at trial.

I have done all that I can to seek truth, justice and accountability. I am but one man mostly powerless to force or affect change. Please do your part to ensure that no other government employee, no other lawman or woman anywhere, has to suffer the consequences that I have behind their service to America’s law enforcement missions.

Jay Dobyns

*ATF’s internal investigation of the arson of my home resulted in the below conclusions. Please be mindful that these are not my conclusions but rather those made following ATF’s in-house investigation. ATF’s current and active leadership dismissed the conclusions and issued no punishments.
From ATF Report of Investigation Number 20120079, October 2012:

v. DOJ IAD 1
v. DOJ IAD 2
v. DOJ IAD 3

*The following are excerpts from trial testimony and are again open source material:
v. DOJ Embarassing 1
v. DOJ Embarassing 2

*And in conclusion, an email exchange between two ATF managers, one of which was a figurehead in ATF’s Operation Fast and Furious (Gillett), conspiring to cover up their malicious pursuit of me as a suspect after learning I was innocent, not involved, and with no rational basis to do so. They have brought additional shame on ATF, yet their conduct has been internally absolved.
v. DOJ GIllett email

FoFig Films Logo - left

FoFig Films

I’ve started a small micro-budget film company. My first goal is to have fun. Goal 1-A is to make gorilla-style Indie films on law enforcement topics that will bring authenticity to the crime story genre that Hollywood is afraid to.

“FoFig” is my joke on me – Four Figures – as in how much I will (can) spend to make a movie.

My first project will be announced in the coming weeks.

You can follow on Twitter at: and

Form Letter, Mock or Joke; you decide

This is the letter that accompanied my retirement badge and credentials.

It is signed by the guy who tried to give me five days off (no due diligence, investigation or research, nada) for getting the Director butt-hurt by calling out his golden-boy John Torres (I was completely accurate btw) – actually flew me to his office in DC just so he could lay the wood face to face like a good order taking bully-puppet – that is until Chairman Issa wrote a letter to Holder and told him ATF can’t retaliate, at least not out in the open, haha. Brandon covered for him like it was all a misunderstanding and told me not to use bad words, haha again.

The last two sentences/paragraphs are the best. Appreciation for my valuable service? Shoulda been at the trial Ron because the bureau and DOJ painted me as the posterboy for the worst possible agent ATF had to offer. Best wishes in my retirement? Last I checked you were still trying to cave my head in for your mistakes.

You just gotta laugh.

Retirement Badge Letter



It was official in January but made official-official today. I received my retirement badge and credentials in the mail. In spite of ATF’s troubles, I am proud to have worked here.

Thank you to all who mentored, partnered and supported me over the years. The only memories that will last are the good ones.



ATF Needs a Bigger Cover-Up Blanket

See today’s posting on by author and investigative journalist David Codrea.

Based on yesterday’s reciept of closing arguement transcripts, we are growing closer.

Judge Allegra has encountered a medical issue that will slightly delay the issuance of his opinion. I am 1000% OK with however long that may take. For those who support me, have patience with me and say a quick prayer for Judge Allegra’s quick return to the bench. The truth is all I ever needed and it is coming.

August will be the 6 year anniversary of the arson of my home. If I have to wait for another 6 months to hear Judge Allegra’s opinion of what took place and what he learned in his courtroom I do so with full confidence and faith that the truth will be exposed.

ATF Executives think that all of this is taking place inside a bubble of disinterest and that they are safe from what they did. They are dead on wrong. Others who demand the truth have their eye on the ball and know what this means to all of us, beyond the institution of ATF.

This will ultimately go well beyond the facts and evidence of what was done to me and my family. I promise each of you that I will seek accountablity for every last single person who acted corruptly, regardless of their role or actions during this lawsuit. No one will ever have to go through what they put me through if there is anything I can do about it. And I can.


Lessons From Mike

I am blessed with six nieces and a nephew ages 10 to 16. Each one of them is beautiful and unique. They have spent their entire lives under relentless harassment from “Uncle Jay”. No level of teasing or torment has been off limits – except for an occasional rolling of the eyes from their moms and dads (and grandparents) – but always with love and affection in my heart.

My nephew is a bad ass little baseball player. Like any athlete who strives for greatness he is self-critical and overly hard on himself. Mistakes and set backs are sometimes even harder for a 10-year-old to process and understand. When your world is catching and hitting baseballs every time you don’t can be shattering. The great ones don’t let failures slow them down.

Below is a message of encouragement to him citing the example of the greatest athlete and performer in the history of sports, Michael Jordan. Many are more eloquent than me but, the theme works whether you are 10 or 110.


From: Jay Dobyns
Sent: Friday, June 20, 2014 10:16 AM
To: ‘Baller’
Subject: Message from Uncle Jay

Hey boy! Hear you are kicking major butt! Here is Jay’s sports lesson for the day.

Great performers have short memories. They forget failures and mistakes almost instantly. Why? Because the biggest mistake you can make is allowing the last play to affect your next one. Make sense? In sports mistakes are made. No one in the history of sports has ever played a perfect game. It is not possible even though you should try for it. Probably the greatest athlete of all time is Michael Jordan. He was as close to perfect as anyone in sports has ever been.

This is a great quote from the all time greatest, Michael. Remember no one has ever been better at their sport than he was:

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

Never let a bad play allow you to make another bad play because you were upset about the last one.

I thought you would like this picture (below). It is of me fumbling the ball against the University of Washington in 1984. I was very mad at myself. It was one of the first plays of the game. It hurt my team. I shook it off and went on to catch 8 passes that day.

Forget mistakes or bad plays or things that upset you. Then go out and do something spectacular on the next play. And if that doesn’t happen, try again for the next, and the next and the next.

I love you and you have a huge fan here in me. GO HAVE FUN!!!!!!!




Golden Rule

I received the below message today from a peer at ATF. It reassured me that the way I did my job was worthwhile. I always tried to extend dignity to people arrested behind my investigations. I never thumbed my nose or mocked someone in handcuffs who just had their life crash before their eyes because I happened to become involved. I had a job to do. I did it to the best of ability. People make mistakes. Some of our mistakes are bigger than others. We are all ultimately held accountable for what we say and do. Although I found satisfaction in good investigations I never found joy in an individual’s failures.


Hey Jay how are you doing? I wanted to relate a funny thing that happened to me yesterday. I was at a plumbing supply house having pipe cut and threaded to build a “mock up” [inert] device for training when the store clerk, asked if I was making pipe bombs and wondered if he should he notify the police. So of course I identified myself as a law enforcement officer.

He then asked, “Do you know Jay Bird?” I responded with do you mean Jay Dobyns and followed with how do you know Jay? He stated that he was “not always a good guy but Jay always treated me with respect and dignity, and it was horrible what ATF did to him after putting his life on the line so many times to take down truly bad people”.

I kind of sat back and thought, what an awesome testament to your character and integrity, coming from an individual that you apparently had dealings with and perhaps may have even arrested or attributed to his arrest.

I felt proud to know you at that moment in time and would hope that sometime in the future someone would make the same comment about me.


Flattered Beyond Imagination

So I become acquainted with one of my favorite actors, Barry Pepper, on a film project. You will recognize him from Saving Private Ryan, The Green Mile, 61*, We Were Soldiers, True Grit and many, many more. Before I met him I thought his work was spectacularly understated. By that I mean that he plays important roles in films and always seems to steal the scenes he is in; even when on camera with the heavyweights. What was really enjoyable was to experience what a genuine person he is. Very humble and gracious and interesting and full of questions. In our conversations he told me that he used my “look” for his role as Agent Cooper in the movie Snitch – had a smile on my face for a week straight.


Then I learned that actor Joe Manganiello was inspired by my appearance for his role as Grinder in the movie Sabotage. He hit big with his role in Magic Mike and is on the cover of nearly every fitness magazine on the shelves (he obviously chose someone else to mimic when carving his abs, I have one big round ‘ab’).

“Manganiello based Grinder’s appearance on Jay Dobyns, an undercover ATF agent who documented his time with the Hell’s Angels in the book “No Angel.” The pictures of this guy were just this thick necked linebacker looking [guy], covered in tattoos,” Manganiello said. “He looked like the scariest guy on the planet and not like a cop. So I always thought that.”


Later I become acquainted with Gerard Butler – King Leonidas in 300, Law Abiding Citizen, Olympus Has Fallen – I am writing on a film he is staring in. He too is one of the most down to earth regular people you would ever come across. I gave him a copy of No Angel and he got caught by the paparazzi coming out of Dan Tana’s with it.

Gerry and Jay

And of course, my friend, Director Tony Scott (RIP) – Top Gun, True Romance, Crimson Tide, Man on Fire, Deja Vu, etc., etc. etc., here with my son Jack (2007). Wonderful man. Period.


Moral of the story – some times it pays to look like a dirtbag.