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Haha.  The post title is a joke.  Furthest thing from the truth actually.  I was asked to act in a couple indie films recently and these are some publicity shots from one of them – The Z – an apocalyptic, martial arts, horror, zombie film.  Due out this fall.

Jay_DSC4099 Jay_DSC4109 Jay_DSC4113 Jay_DSC4134 Jay_DSC4147



I have been very fortunate to be cast in two upcoming films. Both are currently in post production.

“The Z” which is being produced by Medrosa Films and written/directed by Scott Barker. I play Henry “Hammer” Hull, an enforcer.

In “Krampus” I play Bob Norris, a detective. Krampus is produced by Snowdog Studios and written/directed by Jason Hull.

Thanks guys for the fun experiences.





the zb






My Kids

Every parent is proud of their kids. We all want to see our children achieve, succeed and become something better than we are.

I have a 22-year-old daughter who hit a rough patch in her life. She was knocked to her knees and we all fell down with her. Then she did what I expected. She displayed character, toughness, resiliency and courage and came out the other end to become everything I could have ever dreamed for her and more. She became a woman of great compassion and talent and she makes me proud to call her my daughter every singe day of my life.

She is an inspiration to me. She represents what I want to be. Someone who when knocked down, refused to stay down. She is a survivor and a thrivor.

My 18-year-old son has recently brought me that same great joy. His lifelong dream has been to play college football. His path to that goal has not been an easy one.

He is a remarkable young man. Not so much for his football but as a person. Beginning at an early age he has been the undeserved victim of death and violence threats stemming from my investigations and associations with the criminal world. He has suffered under threats of kidnapping and torture, threats to rape his mom and sister and holds knowledge of current and active murder contracts on me.

In 2008 our home was burned down by my adversaries with Jack and his mom and sister inside. Jackie was actually the hero that night getting his mom and sister out of the house with only minor injuries. He then broke from his mom and ran back into the burning house to save his dog which was trapped.

He is a young man of special character. He does not complain or whine or make excuses or feel sorry for himself. He doesn’t blame others for his circumstances, he just moves forward.

Being my son is a difficult path but he has never wavered. He prepares himself for his opportunities and does his best to take advantage of them when they arrive.

Last week he accepted a scholarship to play football for Chadron State College in Nebraska.

My message here is that regardless of who you are, what life deals out to you, how unfair or defeated your circumstances may seem – those who keep a single-minded focus on achieving their goals will somehow find a way to prevail regardless of circumstance.

To all of us, myself included, stay positive and don’t let life’s speedbumps and hiccups ever prevent you from being who you can be.

Encourage your kids, discipline them, hug them, tell them you love them everyday – good or bad, right or wrong – give them everything you have. I’ve made tons of mistakes with my babies. I’ve said and done the wrong thing with them far to many times but they always got past that because they knew that even through my own flaws I loved them dearly. Being a child of mine is not easy. My life has brought trauma and turmoil into theirs. They didn’t sign up for me but they’ve overcome everything hard and negative that I brought to them.

Our kids are our greatest contribution to the world. Help them be great.


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My kids inspire me.