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In Response to Libel

This was my response to libelous comments made about me by a government attorney who is defending my allegations in Dobyns V. USA. They were published in Banner Magazine. The attorney who made the comments is Rachael Bouman, who has served as ATF lead attorney during my litigation.

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Before I start, I’ve said before and I’ll say again, I take no pride in being a flawed Christian. I believe in God and Jesus and fall short of who I should be in their eyes every day but…

You can run Rachael Bouman, but you can’t hide. The only way this author would written the things she did about you is if she was fed them by you. I am going to set the record straight.

Three CRC Women Bring Their Faith to Washington D.C.’s Political World

“…Then, in 2008, Bouman, by this time a mother and active member of Silver Spring Christian Reformed Church, was given another assignment—this one dealing with a retired ATF agent who had infiltrated the gang Hells Angels. The plaintiff was deceptive and used intimidation to try to persuade Bouman in the case. These cases were the biggest in ATF’s history, and Bouman managed them with little support. It took a toll on her. “I tried to make sense of where God was in it all and why I was there,” she said.”

Let me address your comments and I do so under the eyes of God himself:

“…Bouman, by this time a mother and active member of Silver Spring Christian Reformed Church…” My wife is a mother and a dedicated Christian. You supported the ATF assault on me when my home was attacked by arsonists and burned to the ground in an arson in an attempt to murder my wife and kids. You sat through her deposition in silence while she was grilled by your DOJ lawyer-partner regarding what might be my motivation to kill my family by fire; our alleged failed relationship; how often we had sex before and after the arson; etc. When her deposition was done you left her weeping in the interview room and could be heard giggling in the hallway outside as you checked your Blackberry messages. Your Christian principles were no where in sight that day.

“The Plaintiff was deceptive…” I am that Plaintiff you mention. Where was my deception Rachael? My case was so overwhelming in facts and evidence that you, as the lead attorney, told Steve Martin and others ATF executives that I had been treated bitterly wrong and corruptly and that ATF needed to settle the case! You went along to get along and participated in the defense of government corruption with all your energy knowing that it was wrong.

Why did you not discuss with the author your withholding the most critical evidence in my case from me? That is an interesting story. You sat through deposition after deposition letting ATF witnesses testify under oath that there was no attempt to frame me as the arsonist and attempted murderer while YOU(!) concealed the very evidence of the illegal audio recordings made of me by them. I only got them by accident, not through your ethics or morals that is for damn sure.

How about doing everything within your power to make sure I never saw the conclusions of ATF’s internal investigation of the events – the single most damaging document to ATF’s defense and the single most powerful document to support my case. If you would have succeed in denying me the tapes and report – you would have guaranteed an ATF win using corrupt tactics that are likely criminal.

“…and used intimidation to try and persuade Bouman in the case.” I intimidated you and tried to persuade you?!? OMG! You sat there knowing all the facts and evidence, having all the reports that proved what I claimed was true, and allowed ATF and DOJ to attempt to force my resignation and abandon my complaint. That is intimidation and you are a hypocrite.

Maybe you are thinking of the courtroom day when some of the most damaging testimony to your defense was presented and I looked directly into your eyes – You knew that I knew that you you had protected and covered up that information. You ran to your lawyer partner for cover but you knew exactly what that was. It was not intimidation. You were caught dirty and you were ashamed to even look at me.

“These cases were the biggest in ATF’s history…”. I am sorry but your self inflated importance got the best of you here. The other case you talk about is against Agent Vince Cefalu and they are no way, no how the biggest in ATF history. The most embarrassing – maybe. The most corruptly defended – likely. Some of the most unethical conduct ever seen in a federal law enforcement agency and defended by you – I believe yes.

“…and Bouman managed them with little support.” You had at least 10 attorneys and staff working with you, following your lead, using strategies and tactics that constitute judicial misconduct.

“It took a toll on her.” I bet it did. Harboring perjury. Concealing evidence. Lying to the court. Defending corruption that you knew to be illegal. All under your halo of a Christian government attorney. What about the victims of your corrupt practices like me, my wife and kids, the countless other agents and employees whose careers and reputations you destroyed in the name of your true God, ATF;s managing executives. We are the ones who have suffered and paid the price for your unwillingness to be honest.

“I tried to make sense of where God was in it all and why I was there,” she said.” That is what me and you have in common. I’ve asked myself and God the same question.

Last question the author should have asked you – Why after leading these most important cases for ATF in the prime of your career did you chose to leave ATF? Was it because you got found out and HAD to go? Maybe some other issues? Answer that one with some honesty please.

You took what was surely designed with the very best intent to inspire and shine light on the glory of God and turned it into a hypocritical embarrassment to the author the the publication. Shame on you – AGAIN! If one single thing I said here is false, then sue me. You already have once. You are an attorney. But be ready to defend your denials because I can 100% prove my claims before a judge or God. Explain to Him how protecting and harboring lies fits into your attempt to now portray yourself as a crusader for truth and justice.



Some shots of a recent trip to France. The french were very nice and accommodating of my struggle to speak their language. Paris is stunning with sights and history and the countryside was a charm. Enjoy.

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