Bombshells Enroute

Kelly Terry and I were interviewed regarding how ATF’s Operation Fast and Furious and the events I have suffered at the hands of ATF management have overlapped. Both are intertwined beyond the fact that those same ATF managers who tried to frame me were then left in place to orchestrate ATF’s gunrunning operations. We discuss how our families have been affected by the corruption within ATF for refusing to hold anyone accountable and how DOJ has unjustly defended and protected the guilty while attacking the innocent. Kelly does a fine job representing for her brother.

Past and present ATF executives own this. Eric Holder owns this. The Obama administration owns this. The truth will never change.

As I predicted with the limited release of evidence at closing arguments, there was extremely damaging truths that, until that time, had not been made available to the public. Another prediction. The very best and most catastrophic nuclear bombshells are still yet to be released. They will be reputation, career and likely employment changers for a few executives. Until the Judge issues his ruling I am not permitted to release the details. Coming soon!

In the mean time watch and read this:


Or read this:


If you have time and are interested in the radio interview tune in Tuesday night (2/25) at 9:00pm eastern.

To listen to the show simply go to: http://www.WDFP.us

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