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Dobyns v. USA; CR08-700C; United States Federal Court of Claims, Washington, D.C. – Week 2

“Lady Justice is blindfolded representing her objectivity. She carries scales measuring truth and fairness and balancing the strength of a case and its opposition. She carries a sword and wields it on behalf of the righteous and mistreated.”

Pure therapy. 

Knowing that the truth is being placed on the record in a manner that cannot be minimized and mischaracterized by the people who have spent five years and millions of dollars trying to hide it (ATF and DOJ) is an incredible feeling of achievement and overcoming the odds.  It has calmed me to know the facts are being documented in a court of law.  The journey to get here and speak the truth has been absurd.

Week Two was much like Week One; we nuked them.  Proud of what Jim and I have been able to overcome in getting the facts out and equally as disgusted with how willing and enthusiastic the Department of Justice is to burn down (no pun intended) an agent to defend their corruption. 

My overview ‘take-a-way’ from our two weeks of trial in Tucson; the corruption and criminal behavior is even worse than I thought.  I didn’t think it could be through the eyes of someone as jaded as I have become and even I was shocked.

It’s shameful what President Obama and Eric Holder have allowed their subordinates to get away with on their watch in this matter.  This is all going to become a very public record.  Any American, Democrat or Republican – any party – is going to be disgusted with what they learn.

I’m making a bold prediction here and I am not trying to flatter myself as being someone of significance.  I’m not.  In the grand schemes of life and Country I am just a participant but…

…this will be the next big White House / DOJ scandal (unless they screw the pooch again before this one hits publicly then it will just be next one after that). 

Knowing what I know, I don’t see any way that this does not make it to Congressional hearings once the facts are released.  Senator Grassley, Chairman Issa, Congressmen Gowdy and Chaffetz are going to have a field day with Holder. 

I don’t intend to infer that what was done to me rates with Fast and Furious / Brian Terry, Benghazi, the IRS or wire tapping journalists but it will be significant to Americans to learn of how Obama and Holder view and treat those of us who carry a badge and a gun.  Those who defend this country domestically from crime and violence are gunna puke.

Prediction #2: Holder will come out and say that he didn’t know anything about it and it never reached the White House.  Wrong Two Dogs.  This one goes right onto the President’s desk and I have proved it. The corruption in this is sitting on the shoulders of Attorney General.  Too bad so sad.  He could have fixed it and decided not to.  Anyone and everyone who did the wrong thing here is going to be named as accountable.  I have been shown no respect, dignity or compassion and none will be extended.  God is going to have to be the one to forgive them on this one.  That is the cost of doing business against someone who has had everything they ever cared about taken away and trainwrecked.  It’s called Nothing to Lose.  Oh, and all the facts and evidence on my side doesn’t hurt either.  That‘s called Not Giving a F#%k.

It will be interesting to see how Obama and Holder respond to the release of these facts when over a 1,000,000 sworn agents and officers in over 18,000 law enforcement agencies are active in the U.S.  Based on what I know, have experienced, and have seen and heard in the last two weeks; DOJ doesn’t give a rats ass about any of us being treated fairly.  The political rhetoric and propaganda they spout on respect and admiration for  the police is unsupported by any interest in justice here.  The DOJ is standing for the opposite of justice actually.

My trial will reconvene in Washington, D.C. on July 22 and a third week of fact finding will occur with the DOJ attorneys doing everything possible to make sure they protect the guilty and defend injustice. In the mean time Jimmy will scramble in his solo role to bring my case forward against the power and might of the most powerful law firm to ever grace the planet. 

What ATF and DOJ don’t get, or, do get and don’t care is that even if the Judge decides I lose, the facts are still going to be published and their filth is going to be in the light.  My only “loss” here is that I may not get damages.  I don’t view that as a loss, I view that as not getting frosting on my cake.  Money doesn’t stop problems, it just give you more options to solve them.  I want the facts out way way more than I want compensation.

Let me close with a thanks to all the Court Security Officers (CSO) and U.S. Marshalls at the Federal Courthouse in Tucson for making the last two weeks so safe and pleasant. I got to see lots of old friends on those crews and made some new ones.

Stay tuned.  This is only just starting to get good.

PS: I spent two full days on the witness stand answering questions and I believe the record will show that I did not use one single swear word!  That may be the most remarkable thing that will come from any of this.

If you are trying to catch up on what this is all about, here are the links to some stories that do a great job of synopsizing the elements of my lawsuit: 

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Jim Reed and I on June 21 following two weeks of trial – tired, satisfied and ready for more.

Marriott photo