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U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen of Brownsville

“…the Justice Department lawyers knew the true facts and misrepresented those facts to the citizens…” e.g., Don’t Mess with Texas or Judge Hanen

I learn slower and harder than most. I don’t quit or become discouraged as easy as many.

With that, I’d stopped making any public comment on Department of Justice corruption once I realized that I had been beating my head into a block wall for twelve years trying to expose it with no positive result.

Those who knew stayed quite. Those with influence didn’t care. Not the White House, not DoJ, not Congress, not the leadership at ATF. Crickets. Silence is safe.

In my case, each of those entities had done every single thing they could both legal, and illegal, to cover up their dishonesty, except Congress. They did nothing.

All I had to show for exposing bad government was a headache. I found the whistleblower laws to be an insincere farce; a “feel-good” platform that Senator’s and Congressmen use to create free media for themselves and solicit votes from those they made believe they care.

An Executive within ATF’s Headquarters recently told me, “We all know what happened to you, we feel for you but, do you think you changed anything by airing the dirty laundry? You are the punchline to a joke between Tom Brandon and Loretta Lynch. When they think of you, they laugh hard.”

I had to agree.

When all you have to hold on to is hope for the truth, ATF and the Department of Justice is where that hope goes to die.

“Trump will help you when he wins, Jay”, I was told by Kent Terry, brother of murdered Border Patrolman Brian Terry after Kent met with Trump at a rally. “He will get the truth out for all of us.”

For the Terry’s I pray that is true. They deserve that. For me, I laugh.

The Terry family, me, the countless others victimized by DoJ’s corruption – we are lowly taxpaying citizens standing against massive government institutions designed and built to protect themselves at all costs. Nothing else matters, nothing.


Then, last Thursday, a beam of that hope shined through again. Not for me or my case. It was simpler than that. It was hope that the courts actually cared about how our government delivers evidence for legal examination on behalf of the American people.

The Honorable United States District Court Judge Andrew Hanen re-inspired me. He serves the bench in the Southern District of Texas.

Judge Hanen issued an order writing that he was fed up with DoJ attorney’s lying in his courtroom, “The question addressed by this Court was whether the Government had to play by the rules. This Court held that it did.”

That caught my eye. I thought I’d been the only one to ask that! Why was that even a question a judge would need to capture in an opinion? Wasn’t that automatic? It hasn’t seemed to be much of a concern in my case for anyone but me and my attorney. I was intrigued so I read further.

What I found was that the conduct of government attorneys in Judge Hanen’s courtroom during TEXAS v. USA, CIVIL NO. B-14-254 was nearly identical to what I had experienced [DOBYNS v. USA https://ecf.cofc.uscourts.gov/cgi-bin/show_public_doc?2008cv0700-293-0].

Judge Hanen wrote, “…this Court neither takes joy nor finds satisfaction in the issuance of this Order. To the contrary, this Court is disappointed that it has to address the subject of lawyer behavior when it has many more pressing matters on its docket. It is, at best, a distraction, and there is nothing “best” about the conduct in this case. The United States Department of Justice (“DOJ” or “Justice Department”) has now admitted making statements that clearly did not match the facts.”

Read him here. He’s good! https://www.scribd.com/doc/313205530/179125570172


“…the Justice Department lawyers knew the true facts and misrepresented those facts to the citizens of the Plaintiff States, their lawyers and this Court on multiple occasions.”

Right on Judge. They got me too!

“The Government claims that the reason its lawyers were not candid with the Court was that they either “lost focus on the fact” or that somehow “the fact receded in memory or awareness.”

Yep. They came up with a bunch of self-serving excuses and blames in my case as well.

DoJ’s above the law approach is neither an accident or oversight. It is their pattern and practice to believe the rules do not apply to them.


Judge Hanen caught DoJ dirty and called them out in a public opinion.

From personal experience, here is what comes next:

DoJ claims Hanen is off his rocker. They’ll issue a Motion for Reconsideration.

That motion will be denied because the DoJ’s attorneys here are criminals and there is no need to reconsider that. Judge Hanen knows it.

Then DoJ will file an appeal.

Then, we wait.

Nothing changes. Document filings. Lawyers argue. Court motions. Maybe hearings. DoJ will spin-doctor their failed ethics. Judges will judge it all.

The dirty lawyers will continue to collect a paycheck and receive free legal defense under the secret cloak of DoJ that no one can see behind. The true victims, in the Texas case their taxpayers; in mine, me and my family, will continue to be “bled out” of money, spirit and will; all under DoJ’s false representation of “truth”.

But, it’s okay. I’m pretty stubborn and we Don’t Mess with Texas. Apparently Judge Hanen has taken that slogan to heart.


Judge Hanen and I see eye-to-eye on at least one thing, likely many more. We have taken offense to the use of the word Justice in DoJ’s title.

ATF’s failed ‘frame job’ attempting to prove I had burned my house down and tried to kill my family was only made worse when DoJ’s attorneys tried to cover it up. Their deception was front and center two years ago immediately following the closing arguments in my case.

I made this public statement, “This is how Eric Holder’s DOJ, with the word ‘Justice’ in its title handles America’s business…”

(starting at 2:54) https://www.nranews.com/series/ginny-simone-reporting/video/betrayed-exposing-the-truth/episode/ginny-simone-reporting-season-5-episode-5-betrayed-exposing-the-truth

Judge Hanen wrote Thursday, “…for whatever reason, the Justice Department trial lawyers appearing in this Court chose not to tell the truth….” “…the subsequent decision to hide it from the Court was unethical. Such conduct is certainly not worthy of any department whose name includes the word “Justice.””

Good on you Judge. You have a new admirer in me. All government servants could learn some lessons in courage from you.

If you’d had my case and seen the government witnesses lie, then government attorneys protect those lies with deceptions and lies of their own, then have more government attorneys deceive for them – I doubt you’d have taken the position I’m currently experiencing – ‘no harm, no foul, that’s just the cost of doing business with the Department of Justice, get over it and move along, nothing more to see here’.

A groundswell from the court’s refusing to accept DoJ’s ethical lapses and tactics is rising.




Special Master’s Opinion and Court Records Unsealed

“Today, August 10, is the seven year anniversary of the arson of my home. Should you continue to read on you will see that I am still fighting DOJ and ATF for justice and accountability.

On August 7, the United States Court of Federal Claims Special Master, the Honorable Judge John Faciolla, filed his Opinion and Order on his investigation.

172 Order re Unsealing File

The Special Master has ruled against me. In his eyes I failed in my attempt to prove that DOJ committed fraud upon the court during the trial of this lawsuit. I lost this battle.

The Special Master ordered the unsealing of certain documents related to the inquiry of alleged fraud and misconduct against Department of Justice attorneys during their defense of my allegations in the case Dobyns v. USA.  I commend him for this decision.

The documents will soon be available through the United States Court of Federal Claims; docket 1:08-cv-00700-FMA. For those who hold a Pacer account they will be published here: https://www.pacer.gov/psco/cgi-bin/courtinfo.pl?court=E_USFCC

What you are going to find is witness statements, investigative reports, DOJ’s insider emails, court filings, thousands of them.


A friend telephoned and asked me if I felt like a wounded lion.

“Yes. A bit. I’ve been wounded before. I will be fine.  A wounded lion is dangerous.”

I thought it both timely and appropriate to set the featured image (top of page) for this posting of the Swiss sculpture, the LION OF LUCERNE. It honors Swiss Guards massacred during the French Revolution – fighting, and failing – to defend a palace of great importance and to protect the people inside. They lost their battle as well.

Upon seeing it for the first time Mark Twain described “the Lion”: “His size is colossal, his attitude is noble. His head is bowed, a broken spear is sticking in his shoulder…”

Yes, that is how I feel today – noble, bowed and with a spear in my back, wounded, hurting.

You will have to wait for the Clerk of Court to publish the remainder of the unsealed file.

These are the instructions I have received:

1) The Clerk’s Office will wait to unseal any documents until August 12, 2015, when the Clerk’s Office receives defendant’s redacted versions of ECF document numbers 337, 350, 401, 342, and 342-1 on CD-ROM.

2) Once the Clerk’s Office receives the redacted versions of the documents listed above, the Clerk’s Office will upload the redacted versions to the docket. Please note that the Clerk’s office will not replace the sealed versions of these documents, but instead will file the redacted versions separately in order to preserve the official court record.

3) Finally, the Clerk’s office will unseal all other documents filed in the case from March 4, 2015, to the present except for ECF document numbers 409, 410, 425, and 428, which are to remain under seal pursuant to the Special Master’s August 7 order.

This is how it all went down. What follows are my allegations based on the evidence available to me.


Between 2004 and 2008 my family and I received numerous death and violence threats from criminals I had investigated who were subsequently arrested, indicted and prosecuted.

ATF failed to show any real interest in investigating these events. A few are listed here:

From ATF Report 20130060 (Robert “Mac” McKay threat):McKay


From Office of Inspector General Report dated September 22, 2008 (Curtis Duchette threat): Duchette


From Office of Inspector General Report dated September 22, 2008 (Art “Whitey” Dominquez threat): Whitey


From Office of Inspector General Report dated September 22, 2008 (Doug “Slut Doug” Wistrom threat): Wistrom


From Office of Inspector General Report dated September 22, 2008 (Robert “Chico” Mora threat): Chico


From intercepted jailhouse letter written by convicted Hells Angel murderer Kevin Augustiniak:Augustiniak


The United States Office of the Inspector General (OIG) investigated ATF’s failures to investigate or even react to these threats and countless others.

OIG Conclusions delivered to President Obama and United States Attorney Eric Holder:

OIG Conclusions




ATF chose to hold no one accountable or enact any changes. They blamed me. I filed a complaint against ATF. I met with ATF’s #1 and #2 shotcallers; Deputy Director Ronnie Carter and Assistant Director Billy Hoover, working together we reached an out of court settlement. In doing so ATF agreed that I had been subjected to retributions through ATF’s inaction to the threats I faced.


Almost immediately after settling my dispute and in spite of the active threats and murder contracts, ATF made an unprecedented decision and removed every single protective measure, or “backstopping”, I had in place to defend myself; fictitious ID’s, registrations, public records, etc. They did this maliciously as a new form of “payback”. I believed the recall of my protections was ridiculous, unnecessary and very dangerous but, I choked it down, content to move forward and put the dispute behind me. ATF’s Internal Affairs Division took a harsher view of what was done.

From ATF Report 20130060:ID Withdrawl

In his published Opinion (posted below) Trial Judge, The Honorable Francis Allegra, found, “…the central conclusion of the report was that Chief Vidoli, NIBIN Chief Pugmire and SAC Newell ignored information about threats to Agent Dobyns and his family in deciding to remove the fictitious identification. And the report underscored that the removal of fictitious identification put Agent Dobyns and his family at risk.”

Vidoli walked away with a promotion courtesy of now ATF Director Thomas Brandon.



On August 10, 2008, with my private personal information now open to the public for a few months and easily accessible, my home was burned to the ground by arsonist(s). My wife and two children were inside when the fire was started. Nearly everything we owned was destroyed.Arson

Before and After

I had many enemies. There were many suspects.

At that time, Charles Higman was ATF Tucson’s Resident Agent in Charge (RAC). He prevented an immediate ATF response to the incident and then coordinated and co-orchestrated a failed attempt to frame me for the arson. He did this in spite of some of America’s top arson investigators documenting that I was not involved and ignoring the true suspects. Higman (and others) did not view those expert opinions as a deterrent in their attempt to set me up.

This situation was fast becoming an even more dangerous one than I had previously settled. Spoken and written threats had evolved into a real attack.

As background, Higman was the puppet for two ATF Phoenix Field Division managers, Special Agent in Charge (SAC) William Newell and Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) George Gillette. Newell and Gillette were later determined to be the “boots on the ground” ringleaders of ATF’s ongoing Operation Fast and Furious. Higman managed the Fast and Furious gunwalking predecessor, Operation Wide Receiver. Their track records of incompetency were both well known to ATF and extraordinarily dangerous.

Because my family was in our home when the arson occurred, the “Three Amigos” were also accusing me of being someone so despicable that I was willing to murder my own family by fire (arson of an occupied structure).

I was never the best ATF agent, the smartest or, the best person. I have many flaws. What I did do was work my ass off for my agency and spilled my own blood, gallons of it, many times. I did not deserve to be criminally set-up by the people I worked for.

Joining ATF’s corrupt mangers were Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent Brian Nowak and Assistant United States Attorney Beverly Anderson who happily participated in the effort to pin the felony on me. They were going to be the ones to bring down the guy who was appearing on television and who had written a book that was going to become a movie. For that and my whistleblowing I had become Public Enemy #1 at ATF and DOJ. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Tucson still considers me a suspect. If they could “get” me, they would be DOJ heroes.

When I complained to ATF executives of the frame-job I was literally “taunted” into legal action. Acting ATF Director Michael Sullivan (at that time also jointly holding the position of the United States Attorney for Massachusetts) told his U.S. Attorney peer who was serving as my liaison, “Tell Jay to do what he has to do.”

I accepted the challenge and filed the lawsuit now titled Dobyns v. U.S.A. DOJ took up the defense of ATF.


In 2012, a year before trial, ATF Special Agent Christopher Trainor who was assigned to ATF’s Internal Affairs Division conducted an exhaustive and comprehensive investigation of ATF’s failed reaction and response to the arson and the recall of my protective backstopping measures. He also examined ATF’s tactics to pin the crime on me.

Trainor’s report was completed and approved/sanctioned by ATF. In it, eleven conclusions of unethical and potentially criminal conduct towards me were documented citing the Three Amigos – Newell, Gillette and Higman – as the primary culprits.IAD 1


I knew, ATF knew, everyone knew that Trainor had proven my allegations true. DOJ also knew what they were facing if we walked into a courtroom. They were in possession of the facts, evidence and official conclusions. Trainor had delivered those in a thorough and complete manner.

I tried to settle the lawsuit on numerous occasions. I DID NOT want to go to court. Not for fear of a loss but rather for fear that I would be responsible for further exposing how dirty ATF had become. I did not and do not view that as my responsibility to expose.

In spite of the actions taken against me, I still loved ATF and the men and women who served in the lower levels of the agency. My public statements were never designed to embarrass ATF or my peers, only to prevent any of them from ever again having to suffer under the treatment I had been subjected to by management. All of my “internal’ efforts for resolution had failed to produce a result.  Neither ATF or DOJ had provided no voice in the matter and my only hope of survival and accountability was through the media. ATF and DOJ refused to take me serious.

Each settlement attempt I made was unilaterally rejected by DOJ and ATF. During one negotiation the governments counter-offer to me was, “drop your lawsuit against us and resign from service immediately or you will be terminated.” When I rejected that bad-faith “offer” ATF Executive Ronnie Carter emailed his peers saying, “Jay thinks this is just another payday”, referencing the out of court settlement I had previously negotiated with him.


In the summer of 2013 DOJ forced this case to trial, five years down the road from the arson. Their goal was to humiliate me and send a message to anyone who might challenge them in the future.

The first two weeks of trial were in Tucson and after a short break, the final week was in Washington, D.C.

Newell, Gillette and Higman served as DOJ’s “star” witnesses.

During trial, DOJ attorneys tried to help both Gillett and Higman “talk off” their conspiracy to withhold critical documents that helped prove they were trying to frame me for the arson and that they were doing nothing to pursue credible suspects. The key document demonstrating their audacity, being so brazen they even wrote it down and then transmitted their plan electronically (oops, I found it) was presented at trial. Gillette sent Higman this message to bolster Higman’s confidence that they would get away with knowingly and intentionally withholding information of their attempt to frame me from ATF superiors.v_-DOJ-GIllett-email

DOJ defended this email as friendly banter between peers.


The Trial Judge was the Honorable Francis Allegra. DOJ rode their trial horses, Higman and Gillette into his courtroom.

Judge Allegra wasn’t buying what DOJ was selling. On September 16, 2014, he published his trial court opinion and findings.  I won. Justice was served.

Final Redacted Opinion


Judge Allegra reiterated the theme that he first announced at closing argument, that “professional jealousy” or “simply spite by certain ATF actors” motivated the governments insistence on defeating me. He also wrote that Gillette and Higman testified in a manner insulting to the law enforcement profession and embarrassing to the DOJ attorneys backing them up.

“A few words are in order regarding the credibility determinations that underlie some of the foregoing findings. In particular, the court finds significant portions of the testimony of two witnesses – Agent Charles Higman and ASAC George Gillett – unworthy of belief.”

“…Agent Higman targeted Agent Dobyns as a suspect in the arson of his home, even after highly-respected agents within the Phoenix Field Office had concluded otherwise…”

Judge Allegra characterized Higman’s trial testimony, “Agent Higman wove a remarkable tapestry of fiction concerning his response to the fire and the investigation that followed”, “Based on the roll and surge of this contrary evidence, and for other reasons (including his general demeanor and nonresponsiveness to questions), the court concluded that Agent Higman’s testimony lacked credibility.”

Judge Allegra found that Gillette was no better, “ASAC Gillett’s testimony likewise posed serious credibility issues”, “…it should not be overlooked that ASAC Gillett’s testimony was repeatedly contradicted by other witnesses and his prior depositions”, “Various emails in the record plainly demonstrate that ASAC Gillett failed to tell the truth…”

DOJ has never lifted a finger to investigate or prosecute the perjury their witnesses offered in the courtroom. Probably because their strategy had so utterly failed they wanted no more attention to it.

In a grotesque juxtaposition, during trial as DOJ embraced the Three Amigos they attempted to discredit Trainor thus reasoning that the credibility of Trainor’s investigation might crumble with him. If the impact of Trainor’s investigation could be diminished, its influence in the eyes of Judge Allegra would be damaged.

But the flaw in their strategy was that unlike DOJ’s lynchpin witnesses, Trainor’s professional history was impeccable. DOJ was willing to sacrifice Trainor’s good name and reputation to defeat me. It was disgusting to watch DOJ try to destroy a good man. This was a classic DOJ “kill the messenger” move that avoided any concern for facts and evidence.

DOJ’s trial attacks on Trainor started severely but went through the roof after he testified that the timing ATF’s decision to void the allegations of misconduct he proved against Newell and Gillette were “suspicious” (Note: Trainor’s testimony went further and was more descriptive and detailed, but remains under seal).

DOJ didn’t fool Judge Allegra, ““At the outset, it is conspicuous that the Justice Department attorneys in this case strenuously attempted to impeach Agent Trainor’s testimony – an odd tactical decision to say the least”,  “…the court attaches considerable weight to the testimony of Agent Trainor, who authored the 2012 and 2013 IAD reports.”

Judge Allegra characterized DOJ’s attempts to impeach Trainor at trial as, “More importantly though, there is every indication that Agent Trainor’s reports were thorough, well-documented and accurately reflected the substance of the more than 4,000 pages of documents, electronic messages, depositions and notes of interview that he reviewed and summarized in his two reports. Those reports, indeed, corroborate hundreds of critical facts that are otherwise reflected by the testimony and documents in the record. In general, the court was impressed with Agent Trainor’s testimony – his capabilities, knowledge of the subject matter of the investigations, general integrity and willingness to respond to the court’s questions.”

Below you will learn that DOJ went all-in to fracture Trainor’s credibility again, the next episode would come years later.


Newell and Gillette were facing termination for their treatment of me when ATF’s now Director Thomas Brandon allowed Newell to remain employed with a demotion and Gillett, to retire in lieu of termination. On the stand Trainor “let slip” this dirty little secret that DOJ wanted no one to know.  Higman had bailed on his ATF career when the allegations against him began to surface so he was not subjected to termination or discipline, having already resigned.

ATF’s Director Thomas Brandon negotiated all settlements with ATF managers investigated in my case. All were given free rides including those who pulled my backstopping just before the arson. He internally cleared them of any wrongdoing mid-trial just when it looked like their ship was sinking. None were held internally or externally accountable.


During our trial transition from Tucson to Washington, Higman, who had completed his testimony adversarial to me for the government, left a threatening voicemail on the telephone of Trainor who was scheduled to continue his testimony. Higman voiced his dissatisfaction with Trainor’s investigation. He knew Trainor had caught him dirty and with his pants down.

The same day the voicemail threats were received, Trainor discovered that his government vehicle had been vandalized with a construction cone forced into the tailpipe while parked at his residence.

Trainor reported the Higman threats to ATF investigators and mid-level managers. ATF field investigators who listened to the voicemail believed it was a threat, a serious one. ATF opened an investigation into Higman. The investigation progressed until, on the eve of interviewing Higman, ATF Headquarters Executives quickly closed it. If the governments “star” witness against me had tampered with my witness their defense of my case would be trainwrecked. ATF and DOJ did not want to prove what they knew to be true. Best way to stop that was to not interview Higman. They wouldn’t have to know the truth.

Trainor reported the threats to ATF attorney Rachael Bouman and to DOJ lead trail attorney David Harrington and his co-counsel assistant Corinne Niosi. Now knowing that ATF had no intention to conduct a complete investigation and hiding behind the white-wash dismissal of the Higman threats, Trainor documented that during a telephone call Harrington twice threatened him: should Trainor attempt to make Trial Judge Allegra aware of the threats his Justice Department career would be negatively impacted.

Facing threats to his safety and his career, Trainor continued his trial testimony in Washington. He testified accurately displaying the courage and integrity all of us expect and demand from a law enforcement officer. He did not report the threats against him at that time to Judge Allegra or anyone, including me, other than his private counsel and the trial attorneys.

Ignoring the noose around his own neck at closing argument Harrington arrogantly advised Judge Allegra that that blame for ATF’s failed arson response, “can be laid at the feet of Jay Dobyns and how he approached things”. Judge Allegra and I were still in the blind regarding the trial threats Trainor had faced.

Millions of taxpayer dollars had been spent to defeat me. DOJ’s attorneys cheated along the way. In spite of that they were unsuccessful.


But, not so fast.

Eric Holder’s DOJ appealed the ruling with the support and encouragement of ATF’s then Director B. Todd Jones. There was no way DOJ or ATF was going to stand for a lowly agent and his disability and construction law specialist attorney Jim Reed beating them, regardless of what verdict the trial produced. They had plenty of your tax money left in their banks to continue to fund their fight against me. They were betting that I would “tap-out” both figuratively and literally.

America, you paid for this! The joke is on you (and me).Optimized-Holder-Jones-gun-control-624x780

Ex-ATF Director Jones and Attorney General Holder


After DOJ’s appeal was entered Trainor contacted Judge Allegra and advised of the threat situations he had faced during trial from both Higman and Harrington, now fourteen months past.

By then the case was held in the control of the Appellate Court. Upon learning of the new allegations Judge Allegra asked that Court return to him his trial verdict for reconsideration but, his review would only take place after an inquiry into the threats against Trainor and other allegations of trial misconduct by DOJ could be properly investigated. Judge Allegra ordered an investigation and intended to use the inquiries findings to determine if a new verdict should be issued.

DOJ tried to appeal their way out of the soon-to-follow scrutiny. They lost and the process continued.


United States Court of Federal Claims Chief Judge, the Honorable Patricia Campbell-Smith, assigned retired Unites States Magistrate, the Honorable Judge John Facciola, to direct the inquiry on the courts behalf as a Special Master.

Judge Allegra’s December 1, 2014 opinion establishing these proceedings being very specific in his order regarding what he wanted the Special Master to accomplish on his behalf.

While my interests were unquestionably injured by the misconduct that we alleged, the Court also held an interest in whether government lawyers lied to or deceived the presiding judge. In the process of protecting my rights, Jim Reed and I became the de facto ‘special prosecutors’ on behalf of the court’s interest, attempting to obtain the documents and evidence needed to prove our claims – and Judge Allegra’s stated concerns – that DOJ committed fraud and misconduct.

Still more of your tax money was committed by DOJ to defend, protect and further cover-up their bad conduct. American’s fund DOJ’s behavior. In spite of our services designed primarily to defend the integrity of Judge Allegra’s courtroom, Jim’s firm, Baird, Williams and Greer and I self-funded our efforts. The imbalance of resources was extreme but we were not shaken or discouraged.


My attorney, James B. “Jim” Reed

Over six months passed. Thousands of man-hours were dedicated to both sides of the argument. Hundreds of pages of arguments, briefs, memorandums, opinions, orders and rulings were created; some of which are on the verge of being unsealed.

One of most hard fought contentions during the case was Jim’s work to overcome DOJ’s attempts to protect critical documents we needed to discover the truth.

On June 19, 2015 Special Master Facciola ruled in my favor under his Opinion on the Deliberative Process Privilege and ordered that those dangerous documents be released to me, under seal. We were on the path to success. We were being given the ammunition needed to prove the allegations against DOJ’s attorneys and ultimately to provide Judge Allegra the information he would want to see to determine if DOJ’s attorney misconduct affected the final outcome of the trial.


On June 23, two judicial days later, Judge Campbell-Smith “terminated” Judge Allegra from my case and reassigned it to herself as the new trial court judge. The Arizona Republic contacted the Chief Clerk of the Court of Federal Claims to determine why Judge Allegra left the case – and the court’s service. The Clerk indicated that Judge Allegra had a health disability, but offered “no comment” when asked if Judge Allegra left his position voluntarily.Smith Allegra

The Honorable Judge Patricia Campbell-Smith             The Honorable Judge Francis Allegra

Three weeks later Judge Campbell-Smith contacted U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, asking him to provide her new and additional judges sending White House nominees for the federal bench to the Senate Floor. She stated that the Court of Federal Claims had an urgent need for fill vacancies; in this context, it is regrettable that apparently Judge Allegra’s health circumstances, after seven years of handling my lawsuit and while he battled his health issues, did not allow him finish out this lawsuit in the manner in which he envisioned during these proceedings.

Fed. Claims Chief Judge Urges Congress To Fill Vacancies

Law360, Washington, July 13, 2015

The chief judge of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims urged Senate leaders on Friday to approve President Barack Obama’s nominees to the court, saying long-standing judicial vacancies have strained it.

In a four-paragraph letter, Chief Judge Patricia E. Campbell-Smith asked U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and the chairman and ranking member of the Judiciary Committee “to fill at your earliest opportunity” five vacancies on the court, which has not been fully staffed with 16 judges since February 2013. The lack of judges has not slowed the complex casework arriving before the court, Judge Campbell-Smith added.

“Despite the court’s shortage of judicial officers, our caseload continues unabated,” she wrote. “The statutory requirements dictating deadlines for certain types of cases unique to our court, including government contract disputes — some of which involve national defense and national security — remain in effect.”

The cases in the Court of Federal Claims are often for high stakes, with three current suits considering damages of at least $40 billion, Judge Campbell-Smith wrote. The dollar amounts reflect the complexity of the underlying cases, which deal with government contract disputes, tax issues, environmental regulations and Native American claims, among others, she said.



To support their shut-down of the ATF investigation into Higman’s threats against Trainor, ATF and DOJ trial attorneys actually crafted a declaration to the Special Master on behalf of ATF’s Assistant Director Michael Gleysteen in which they tried to explain why ATF chose not to fully investigate the Higman threats.

The trial attorneys are now known to have passed back and forth Gleysteen’s statement to the Special Master self-composing the document and adding “redline” edits to it with each exchange. The telling statement comes when one of the DOJ attorney writes, “I think this suits our needs.”

What DOJ and ATF had done (again) was to make Trainor the bad guy. They characterized him as delusional and over-reactive.  When you feel that your children are threatened, short of taking an AK to the streets, is it even possible to over react?  Does DOJ’s ‘take’ on this type of situation sound familiar?

Over a year after the threats against him had been made and passed Trainor stated that the threat was then likely a non-issue.  DOJ jumped on that position to claim there never was a threat.

DOJ argued, how could a fraud have occurred if no “real” threat ever happened?  Chris Trainor is once again victimized to beat me.  A manipulation of the facts is nothing to worry about at DOJ.


The newly unsealed documents will demonstrate that Special Master Facciola first ordered depositions of several DOJ attorneys and ATF Agents, and then later withdrew his order, preventing us from asking any of them questions at deposition. Higman’s and the DOJ attorneys now held the knowledge that their alleged threats to Trainor would never be questioned live and under oath in this process by Jim Reed.  Their questions and answers were all generated “in house” by their friendly and sympathetic protectors.

In denying depositions to me, in large part, the Special Master simply did not honor what Judge Allegra had intended.

The accused attorneys have retained private counsel specializing in criminal matters. They didn’t do that because they felt safe or because DOJ was intending to defend them as having acted within the ‘scope’ of their duties.


In a Rule 60(c) proceeding (which we just completed), a judgment can be altered or amended if there has been a fraud upon the court, a misrepresentation or other misconduct.

The Special Master took a very narrow interpretation of that rule.

He determined that, because agent Trainor testified truthfully at trial – despite the threats and intimidation he faced from the Higman voicemail, the vandalism to his government vehicle that coincided, and, the threats he received to his career by DOJ – Judge Allegra’s verdict was not impaired and no ”qualifying” fraud occurred.

My interpretation of that decision is that in Special Master Facciola eyes, DOJ can threaten and intimidate witnesses so long as that conduct does not negatively impact their testimony. If the threatened witness does not cave in, then for Special Master Facciola – no fraud, no harm, no foul. I do not agree.

He also chose to ignore an important element of the rule – misconduct.  For his own reasons he simply was never interested in exploring DOJ misconduct. Maybe because it was so dicey and had too many of DOJ’s big names involved.  I do not know.  More on that is below.

Judge Allegra is no longer available to rule on or accept/decline whether the Special Master’s standard for fraud, quite different from his own, was acceptable. That is now up to Judge Campbell-Smith in the weeks to come.


In a final debate DOJ argued that key documents unveiled during the Special Master investigation containing what they claimed to be “sensitive” information including the names of the accused attorneys should not be released to the public. We argued that American citizens deserved to know how their government’s Justice Department operates, how they chose to spend your tax dollars and on what.

My contention was that the very attorneys who zealously tried, and failed, to support ATF’s self-imploded claim that I was an arsonist and potential murderer – doing so unethically knowing the facts and evidence they held in their hands proved that I was not – and who had further tried their best to wreck Chris Trainor’s reputation with no regard were now concerned that their cherished reputations as DOJ attorneys and representatives of justice might be soiled if their names were made public.

Judge Facciola granted those redactions but unsealed nearly everything else.

President Obama himself supported my argument. In the first executive order he signed after assuming office he stated,

January 21, 2009, “Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies”

“A democracy requires accountability, and accountability requires transparency. As Justice Louis Brandeis wrote, “sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants.” […] In the face of doubt, openness prevails. The Government should not keep information confidential merely because public officials might be embarrassed by disclosure, because errors and failures might be revealed, or because of speculative or abstract fears. Nondisclosure should never be based on an effort to protect the personal interests of Government officials at the expense of those they are supposed to serve.”




Eric Holder’s DOJ strenuously fought my case-in-chief at trial. When they lost, Eric Holder’s DOJ filed an appeal to continue the fight. Despite assuring Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Charles Grassley that she would hold every attorney accountable who engaged in misconduct during my lawsuit and “look into it”, Loretta Lynch’s DOJ fought the Special Master inquiry and the publication of the related documents.

Nothing has changed with respect to my lawsuit following the confirmation of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General – nothing. Her assurances of accountability for attorney misconduct in this case appear to have been nothing more than feeding Senator Grassley answers she believed he wanted to hear of good faith intent, offered only for the purpose of securing her Senate confirmation.

The disgrace of this lawsuit for the Justice Department and American taxpayers continues, under new – but not – different leadership. The Justice Department is a rudderless ship, and this lawsuit continues the drumbeat emerging from federal lawsuits around the country, exposing DOJ as the most unethical, corrupt and menacing law firm in the United States. DOJ is not an advocate for the American citizenry – it is a threat to them.

I often get questioned by friends on my wisdom, or lack thereof, for openly challenging the President, the AG, DOJ and Congress. “They will destroy you if you are not more careful.” My answer is simple, “I don’t give a f**k. I am already destroyed and the truth is on my side. Besides, what are they going to do? Frame me as a murderer and put me in prison.” Been there, done that with these clowns. If I see a red laser dot on my chest, they better shoot first.

I like to refer to Ms. Lynch as, Holder-Lite. This is how she is spending your money.

President Obama Announces Loretta Lynch As His Nominee For Attorney General

Outgoing AG Holder                                 Incoming AG Lynch                                 President Obama

So what? Why is this important?

It is important because of the backstory Jim and I uncovered during our investigation.


The ultimate supervisor for the trial attorneys and the final decision-maker regarding whether to withhold threat information from Judge Allegra was DOJ Civil Division Section Chief and attorney Jeanne Davidson. Davidson has been at DOJ for twenty-three years and is one of the most powerful attorneys at the Justice Department, in America. Davidson is presently awaiting a Senate vote to confirm her as a Federal Judge.

Main Justice

Politics, Policy and the Law

February 6, 2015

International Trade Court Nominee Advances

Justice Department veteran Jeanne Davidson nomination to be a judge on the U.S. Court of International Trade advanced Thursday when the Senate Judiciary Committee approved her by voice vote.

But Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) said he will ask Davidson to answer additional questions regarding her involvement in a controversial court case.

“I would note that unsealed court documents in the case of Dobyns vs. U.S. have prompted some questions that need to be answered,” said Grassley during the committee business meeting. “So I want to follow up with her regarding the extent of her involvement in those cases.”


Senator Grassley is on to something.











Judge Campbell-Smith presents an award to DOJ Attorney Jeanne Davidson at 2014 U.S. Court of Federal Claims conference

What is Senator Grassley curious about?

Davidson’s involvement in DOJ’s defense of my lawsuit was front, center and early on. She wrote to my attorney Jim Reed in February, 2013 that her subordinate (DOJ’s lead trial attorney David Harrington) “kept her apprised… of all matters…”

If Davidson’s statement is accurate, and I will give her the benefit of the doubt that it is, then she knew, long before trial, what Harrington knew – ATF’s Internal Affairs Division investigation conducted by Trainor – a 4,000 page report (including exhibits) had concluded – again, seven months before trial – and proved that that all of my claims of retribution and endangerment were true. She approved DOJ’s strategies and let the case go to trial.

In one of the to-be-unsealed emails, Davidson is named by another of her subordinate attorneys, a  supervisor above Harrington in the DOJ Anti-Dobyns trial team, crediting Davidson with the final and official decision not to advise Trial Judge Allegra that Higman had left a threatening voicemail on the telephone of Chris Trainor – mid trial!

Apparently when Jeanne Davidson gave the thumbs up to withhold evidence of Higman’s threatening voicemail from Judge Allegra, the DOJ trial attorneys felt “blessed” and free to obstruct justice skipping over their ethical requirement to report the threats to Judge Allegra.

Because the allegations of withholding threat information do not fit within the Special Master’s limited definition of fraud (one that Judge Allegra rejected when he established the inquiry), and because the Special Master did not consider the other portions of Rule 60 – misrepresentation and misconduct – Jeanne Davidson’s role in obstruction will not likely be subject to further investigation.

If anyone believes that DOJ’s Internal Investigators are going to properly investigate this matter then please turn around your spaceship and return to earth with me. Meanwhile, Davidson’s nomination for a federal judgeship awaits a Senate vote.


At trial, the issue arose of an attempt by ATF Office of Chief Counsel attorney Valerie Bacon (who abruptly left during this lawsuit and found other employment at the Postal Authority) attempting to block ATF Phoenix’s new management team (replacing Newell and Gillette) from properly re-opening the criminal investigation into the arson of my home and conduct a legit search for the real arsonist(s). This is what ATF should have done in the first place.

Bacon telephoned and advised the two top ATF Phoenix supervisors that they should leave ATF’s arson investigation closed, because re-opening this criminal matter would damage DOJ’s defense of my allegations in civil court. This was a bad no-no.

How could DOJ defend their position that I was a suspect if the real suspect(s) were found out?

Two highly credible and highly respected ATF SAC’s – Phoenix SAC Thomas Atteberry who testified at trial, and now-ATF Miami SAC Carlos Canino, then-ASAC for Phoenix (in a sworn declaration to the Court), verified that Bacon proactively attempted to prevent their investigation and pressured them to stand down from their search for the real arsonist(s).

Judge Allegra briefly documented Bacon’s attempts to scuttle Atteberry and Canino’s righteous efforts in his Trial Opinion repeating Atteberry’s trial testimony:

“Testimony at trial indicated that Valerie Bacon, an attorney in ATF’s Office of General Counsel, attempted to convince SAC Atteberry not to reopen the arson investigation. In this regard, SAC Atteberry testified:
Q. . . . Did you get any kind of discouragement in any respect from anyone at ATF with respect to reopening this arson investigation?
A. Yes.
Q. Please explain.
A. When I was seeking guidance to reopen the investigation, I had a phone conversation with somebody from Counsel’s office in ATF headquarters.
THE COURT: Can you be more specific, Agent? Do you know who it was?
A. I believe it was Valerie Bacon.
THE COURT: All right. Proceed.
A. I had a phone conversation, and I also believe I talked to her in person one time when she was in Phoenix, and I believe during the telephone conversation she made a comment to me that if you, meaning myself, reopen the investigation that would damage our civil case.

Jim Reed had made DOJ aware of Bacon’s obstruction months before trial. My attorney put DOJ on pre-trial notice, emailing to – yep, you guessed it – Harrington twice, and including Davidson, supervising attorney Donald Kinner and now the third highest ranking DOJ attorney Stuart Delery. He could not have possibly made Bacon’s obstruction more clear.

Pre-trial Harrington emailed Davidson discussing with her Bacon’s tampering. They both knew. Neither did anything about it.


Harrington sat in Judge Allegra’s chambers on June 17, 2013, in the middle of trial and said that he had no prior knowledge of the Bacon allegations prior to Atteberry’s trial testimony.

Hmmmmm? Problematic given the evidence in his soon to be released emails.

The matters regarding Valerie Bacon were of grave concern to Judge Allegra who expressly set forth in his instructions to the Special Master that he wanted this situation to be investigated for fraud on the court.

But, Harrington wasn’t done with his attempt at deception.

Knowing that DOJ’s Internal Affairs (Office of Professional Review [OPR]) had his back and was going to do their corrupt best to bury the Bacon obstruction, Harrington re-affirmed to federal investigators that he believed that his statements to Judge Allegra were true at the time he made them. He responded to OPR, this time in writing, going all-in on his lie.

Harrington’s emails to Davidson prove that he was familiar with the allegations about Bacon before trial. As a result of that knowledge, Harrington’s statements that he did not know were false statements made knowingly and intentionally to federal officials, i.e., to a federal judge and to federal investigative agents. He repeated his lie multiple times.

Again, DOJ did nothing. The rules that apply to ‘us’ do not apply to ‘them’.

The Justice Department – apparently because of their stature in the legal system – believes itself to be above the law and unaccountable for criminal actions. They seem to routinely “circle the wagons” internally to protect themselves, and not just in the case, but in dozens of others presently in the public eye.

As a federal agent, let me be clear about this – when you make intentional false statements to federal agents, you violate 18 USC 1001 – False Statements and Concealment. The Justice Department would like me to pretend that I don’t understand this. However, I was a criminal investigator for twenty-seven years before this case drove me from the job I loved. I encountered violations of that statute multiple times during my career while conducting investigations.

DOJ is very familiar with “1001” as well: it is the very statute DOJ is currently using to prosecute former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Dennis Hastert.


Shortly after his appointment Special Master Facciola issued an order that he would not be investigating the Bacon witness tampering episode. The Special Master did not dig deep on the Trainor threats either.

The involved DOJ attorneys reported to, of course, DOJ, that they didn’t threaten Trainor. Without hearing the other side of the story, the Special Master sided with the attorneys and in essence, by doing so said that he did not believe Trainor.

This is not what Judge Allegra ordered.

With the Special Master giving the DOJ lies surrounding the Bacon situation a free pass, will AG Lynch (aka Holder-Lite) given the evidence now publicly available ensure that her own attorneys are held accountable (Harrington) to the same violations of criminal law that she does others (Hastert), as she promised Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Charles Grassley? So far, no. She hasn’t.  Laws and rules and ethics are for the other guys, not for DOJ. In their eyes they are exempt.


Special Master Facciola’s report is final, but the process is not over. In my view, it has barely begun. A hard kick in the teeth has never stopped me yet.

Jim and I have invested our heart and resources on my behalf and on behalf of the preservation of the integrity of the courts. We view the conduct of the Justice Department as being unfaithful to America and the Constitution.

I am not a crusader or anyone’s Knight in Shining Armor. I just want truth, justice and accountability. For that I have been labeled an enemy of the state. I am in too deep to turn back now. Move forward to die tryin’.

The allegations referred for investigation (like Bacon) were largely ignored by the Special Master and the methods ordered to be used by Judge Allegra were rejected.

Special Master Facciola has made clear that he stands by his final report. I will respect that and I commend him for unsealing the documents involved and exposing his reasoning for support or, critical review. Although I disagree with his conclusions I do believe he is a man of character and transparency.

I will continue to trust the legal system and the courts. If I only backed their decisions in my favor and refused to honor those made against me I would be a hypocrite, I would be DOJ.

In this proceeding I believe that the Special Master did not follow the specific instructions he was delivered by Judge Allegra:

  • ignored the Bacon situation, including our allegations that lead trial counsel David Harrington lied about his knowledge of those events;
  • allowed DOJ to permit the accused attorneys to self-produce critical documents, with no meaningful oversight;
  • denied by ability to question those attorneys under oath and then accepted their self-preservation statements at face value, specifically on the topic of Bacon and Harrington’s threats to Trainor;
  • refused to permit me to obtain direct testimony of Christopher Trainor, and in the absence of that deposition, refused to accept the threat reports of Trainor authored;

And before reaching his conclusion on DOJ’s threats to Trainor,

  • refused to allow the deposition of retired ATF agent Daniel Machonis who was a witness to the threats against Trainor’s career. Machonis would have testified that he was present on the call as a witness when Harrington threatened Trainor’s career; a direct contradiction to DOJ’s one-sided recollection. The Special Master never gave me the chance to make that a part of the record.

Finally, I am most disturbed that the Special Master himself, in his June 19, 2015 Opinion wrote that plaintiff’s allegations, if proven, might represent the commission of a crime – Obstruction of Justice – but then immediately cut off the proceedings to rule in favor of DOJ that no fraud or misconduct occurred denying me the ability to prove it to him. I can’t wrap my brain around that one.


As I stated previous, I lost this battle.  But, am winning the war.

Battle 1: The case-in-chief at trial. DOJ – 0. Dobyns – 1.

Battle 2: DOJ’s attempt to prevent the Special Master’s investigation. DOJ – 0. Dobyns – 1.

Battle 3: The Special Master’s Fraud and Misconduct Inquiry. DOJ – 1. Dobyns – 0.

Battle 4: DOJ’s pending appeal of their loss in Battle 1: To Be Determined.

The War (my effort to expose the corruption that infects DOJ and ATF): The scorecard on this will be held by the American people whose hard earned money is collected every April 15 to pay for DOJ’s shams. Win or lose, I will not give up.

The appeal process will continue. Likely for several more years. Millions more of your dollars will be spent by DOJ in the process.

DOJ’s trial appeal is not about their loss during the case-in-chief. It is not about the $173K judgement against them. It is a personal and vindictive persecution of me. This is about a message that DOJ intends to send to all of us, whistleblower protection laws be damned – ‘You take us on, you point out our flaws, you dare make public allegations of corruption? Even when true, we will ruin and punish you to such an extent that anyone down the road who even thinks of doing the same, won’t.”

Congress is watching. To date, they appear to be OK with DOJ’s position. The Whistleblower Laws?  They are a joke. Our country is run by attorneys and even when adversarial they like each other more than they like us.

So back to my opening…

♦ ♥ ♣ ♠

DOJ has treated this situation and my life like a card game.  They think we are playing poker.

It’s not and I’m not. I am a wounded lion.



Dobyns v. USA; CR08-700C; United States Federal Court of Claims, Washington, D.C. – Week 3


We took on the beast and survived.  Five years of legal battles and three weeks of trial ended on Friday when both DOJ and myself took testimony from our final witnesses and rested our cases.

No excuses now for either side.

It was somewhat of a brutal week because most of the witnesses who testified in the Washington, D.C. trail phase were adversarial to my case.  Having to sit and listen to witness after witness tell the judge bad things about me was not too pleasant but, I have a great attorney and he was able elicit beneficial answers with his questioning.

It was a great week because the trial has ended.  The testimony and evidence is on the record.  To me, that in and of itself is worth a personal celebration.  No one ever thought I could make it  this far.

My lawsuit is a long way from being over.  This fall the Judge is going to review closing documents, hear closing arguments examine all the trial evidence before he rules.  I am very supportive of that timeline.  After overcoming all the odds and getting into the courtroom I am comfortable with my Judge taking as much time as he needs to sort it all out.  I personally don’t expect a decision until sometime in 2014.

This quote from Abraham Lincoln is etched into a marble wall in the United States Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C.  I felt it important enough to take a picture.

“It is as much the duty of the government to render prompt justice against itself, in favor of citizens, as it is to administer the same, between private individuals.”

COC Lincoln

This is the best part for me: I have forgiven and I’m ready to move on.    

I have let go of the animosity towards all those on the streets and in the government who harmed me and my family.  Holding on to that serves no one and nothing. I woke up Saturday morning with a new outlook.

I will be getting my life back to normal – or at least a new normal – and that excites me.  I’m not sure what that will be or where it will take me but I’ve promised myself to make it positive and productive.

This will be the last posting, and below will be the last statement you will hear me make publicly on this lawsuit until the verdict is in. I am not going to pine away marking days off my calendar until the verdict comes in.  It will stay in my rear-view mirror until the Judge calls us back to hear his decision.

I anticipate that the rulings of the court will be monumental and precedent setting for the profession of policing.  I believe that civil case law will be established on how agencies are allowed to treat their employees.  More specifically I believe that this new case law will have a lasting impact on how the Department of Justice is permitted to treat their undercover agents.  I believe that ultimately Dobyns v. USA is going provide a legal protection to our nations lawmen and women from internal attacks and abuse heaped on us by our employers.

I received two pieces of wonderful spiritually-based advise this week; right when I needed them most.  I wanted to share them with you.

Mid-week I was upset with some of the testimony being placed on the record about me.  My mother-in-law sent me this bible verse and I found comfort in it:

Zechariah 8:16-17

16 These are the things you are to do: Speak the truth to each other, and render true and sound judgment in your courts; 17 do not plot evil against each other, and do not love to swear falsely. I hate all this,” declares the LORD.

Then, on Friday evening, sitting on the street curb with a cigarette smoldering in my hand and staring at the Washington Monument, exhausted from five years of what seemed to be an insurmountable fight to get in court, three solid weeks of testimony heard from close to forty witnesses and introduced over three-hundred exhibits of evidence, I was at a reflective loss.  My nature is to second-guess myself.  I was concerned that somewhere or somehow I had failed; that I had made a mistake or overlooked something that would affect a righteous outcome?

My phone rang and it was Gwen.  She told me, “Your Judge heard exactly what God wanted him to hear and exactly how God wanted him to hear it.  Just trust in that.”

That brought me peace.  That is all I have been seeking.

I’ll post up the verdict when it comes in.

Thanks to all of you who have supported me, wrote me, messaged me, called me, came to visit me and prayed for me.  It has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated by me and my family.

And, last but not least, my legal team [pictured below, paralegal Jeff Elder (l) and attorney Jim Reed (r) at Washington landmark Ben’s Chili Bowl] went eye to eye with the power and might of DOJ and never blinked.  No attorneys in the land had the testicular fortitude to take this case because they were all afraid of the “big bad bear” of DOJ.  Thank you my friends.  You chose to stand on the right side of history.

Jeff and Jim and Bens


Dobyns v. USA; CR08-700C; United States Federal Court of Claims, Washington, D.C. – Week 2

“Lady Justice is blindfolded representing her objectivity. She carries scales measuring truth and fairness and balancing the strength of a case and its opposition. She carries a sword and wields it on behalf of the righteous and mistreated.”

Pure therapy. 

Knowing that the truth is being placed on the record in a manner that cannot be minimized and mischaracterized by the people who have spent five years and millions of dollars trying to hide it (ATF and DOJ) is an incredible feeling of achievement and overcoming the odds.  It has calmed me to know the facts are being documented in a court of law.  The journey to get here and speak the truth has been absurd.

Week Two was much like Week One; we nuked them.  Proud of what Jim and I have been able to overcome in getting the facts out and equally as disgusted with how willing and enthusiastic the Department of Justice is to burn down (no pun intended) an agent to defend their corruption. 

My overview ‘take-a-way’ from our two weeks of trial in Tucson; the corruption and criminal behavior is even worse than I thought.  I didn’t think it could be through the eyes of someone as jaded as I have become and even I was shocked.

It’s shameful what President Obama and Eric Holder have allowed their subordinates to get away with on their watch in this matter.  This is all going to become a very public record.  Any American, Democrat or Republican – any party – is going to be disgusted with what they learn.

I’m making a bold prediction here and I am not trying to flatter myself as being someone of significance.  I’m not.  In the grand schemes of life and Country I am just a participant but…

…this will be the next big White House / DOJ scandal (unless they screw the pooch again before this one hits publicly then it will just be next one after that). 

Knowing what I know, I don’t see any way that this does not make it to Congressional hearings once the facts are released.  Senator Grassley, Chairman Issa, Congressmen Gowdy and Chaffetz are going to have a field day with Holder. 

I don’t intend to infer that what was done to me rates with Fast and Furious / Brian Terry, Benghazi, the IRS or wire tapping journalists but it will be significant to Americans to learn of how Obama and Holder view and treat those of us who carry a badge and a gun.  Those who defend this country domestically from crime and violence are gunna puke.

Prediction #2: Holder will come out and say that he didn’t know anything about it and it never reached the White House.  Wrong Two Dogs.  This one goes right onto the President’s desk and I have proved it. The corruption in this is sitting on the shoulders of Attorney General.  Too bad so sad.  He could have fixed it and decided not to.  Anyone and everyone who did the wrong thing here is going to be named as accountable.  I have been shown no respect, dignity or compassion and none will be extended.  God is going to have to be the one to forgive them on this one.  That is the cost of doing business against someone who has had everything they ever cared about taken away and trainwrecked.  It’s called Nothing to Lose.  Oh, and all the facts and evidence on my side doesn’t hurt either.  That‘s called Not Giving a F#%k.

It will be interesting to see how Obama and Holder respond to the release of these facts when over a 1,000,000 sworn agents and officers in over 18,000 law enforcement agencies are active in the U.S.  Based on what I know, have experienced, and have seen and heard in the last two weeks; DOJ doesn’t give a rats ass about any of us being treated fairly.  The political rhetoric and propaganda they spout on respect and admiration for  the police is unsupported by any interest in justice here.  The DOJ is standing for the opposite of justice actually.

My trial will reconvene in Washington, D.C. on July 22 and a third week of fact finding will occur with the DOJ attorneys doing everything possible to make sure they protect the guilty and defend injustice. In the mean time Jimmy will scramble in his solo role to bring my case forward against the power and might of the most powerful law firm to ever grace the planet. 

What ATF and DOJ don’t get, or, do get and don’t care is that even if the Judge decides I lose, the facts are still going to be published and their filth is going to be in the light.  My only “loss” here is that I may not get damages.  I don’t view that as a loss, I view that as not getting frosting on my cake.  Money doesn’t stop problems, it just give you more options to solve them.  I want the facts out way way more than I want compensation.

Let me close with a thanks to all the Court Security Officers (CSO) and U.S. Marshalls at the Federal Courthouse in Tucson for making the last two weeks so safe and pleasant. I got to see lots of old friends on those crews and made some new ones.

Stay tuned.  This is only just starting to get good.

PS: I spent two full days on the witness stand answering questions and I believe the record will show that I did not use one single swear word!  That may be the most remarkable thing that will come from any of this.

If you are trying to catch up on what this is all about, here are the links to some stories that do a great job of synopsizing the elements of my lawsuit: 

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NEELY TUCKER, Washington Post – Undercover No More, Jay Dobyns Revs Up For a Different Fight


Jim Reed and I on June 21 following two weeks of trial – tired, satisfied and ready for more.

Marriott photo